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Network Audit

Revolutionizing IT

Keeping up with ever-growing networks and the applications running within them is a formidable task, and sometimes can be impossible. With numerous devices at various locations, adhering to monitoring and auditing policies is a challenge. This type of infrastructure requires a large amount of time and effort to track and review each device on your network. Techrevo helps varied businesses automate this task with change alerting, configuration comparison, scheduled backup, and reporting capabilities. 

Some of the most common reasons for performing a network audit include:

    • Detect vulnerabilities in the company network.
    • Maintain up-to-date hardware/software inventory.
    • Making sure that your company is not violating any rules and regulations (i.e. using pirated software, using company resources for illegal purposes).
    • Tracing back problems to the source of origination.
    • Determining and establishing levels of database access to employees.

Network Audit services can be requested in the following areas: 

Network Firewalls 

Intrusion Prevention System

Web Application Security

Database Security

Network/System Management Security

Infrastructure Hardening