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Revolutionizing IT

With the changing IT Scene, it is most important as it was to lay a single pair cable for Analog phone to lay Networking Infrastructure while the building is still under construction. Wireless may be the medium which is less hassle and more convenience but wisdom demands not to put all your eggs in the same basket; even the fastest data rates cannot compare to what wired medium can do for you and even nowadays when more advanced wireless industrial scale routers are available but they have limited capabilities and works for even lesser number of resources; the most reliable medium for data communication for mission-critical and resource sensitive application would use wired medium because its more reliable and consistent.

As per the survey as the wireless medium is moving towards Gigabit speed the Ethernet is moving towards Terabit although we might be a few years from it now. We develop networks based on the usage and requirements after going through a series of tests and questions.

We conduct survey's of your network then after understanding and documenting your network we start assessing its potential using different tools and perform audits to completely eradicate the possible failure points which can cause disruption to your business process.

Our installation team is trained and expert by our manufacturers and provides the highest quality structured cabling installation. This approach guarantees a worry-free, dependable voice and data cabling solution. Our taylored systems technicians maintain a safe work environment.


Resource Requirements

Network Load / Performance Evaluation

Network / Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

Network Security

Actual Usage

Testing & Commissioning


LAN documentation

Ensuring good test results

Archiving and mapping the results

Our structured cabling services include:

Conducting Surveys and designing the solution

Complete Project handling

Data and Voice racks cable management Services

Support and Management services

Cable testing and Certification

Rack Management Services