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Disaster Recovery

Revolutionizing IT

Our remarkable product Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy for customers to take advantage of disaster recovery. Disaster recovery planning is not just another bureaucracy, but a set of measures to maintain an organization’s business continuity. Built in compliance with international regulations and standards, a Disaster Recovery plan gives your customers a high level of confidence in your non-stop services, data security, and Availability. Veeam helps you to stay compliant with both internal and external IT regulations, be prepared for an audit and be able to restore any system or data in minutes. 

By using Veeam Availability Suite, multiple points in your Disaster Recovery plan are covered at once and get: 

Offsite replication with traffic optimization and advanced capabilities

Infrastructure assessment and documentation 

Easier disaster recovery orchestration and recovery testing 

Capacity planning and modeling 

Backup and virtual infrastructures monitoring and reporting