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Network Monitoring

Revolutionizing IT

To ensure that your network and business services and applications are performing well, Techrevo brings for you the ultimate, enterprise-grade, integrated platform to build network monitoring solutions i.e. OpenNMS. 

OpenNMS normalizes device- and vendor-specific messages and protocol-specific performance measurements.

Its main features include: 

Service Assurance

Performance Management

Configure and Execute Service Monitors

Typology Discovery

Supports Network Topologies

Dashboard Components

Surveillance View

Node Status

Resource Graph Viewer

Geographical Map

Easy Integration

Backshift Graph Visualization


Business Service Monitoring

Root Cause and Impact Analysis

GFI LanGuard helps you with:

  • Patch management
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Network discovery
  • Third-party software rollout
  • Network auditing management
  • Port scanning