Our Company

We have acquired different skills over a period of 13 Years which as one might see on bottom are quite a few systems on which we work in daily routine. We have clients in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Call Center/BPO, High tech Engineering and different Fast moving Consumer Goods / Service Providers.

Most of the times its feasible to hire a guy than a team but that landscape changed when companies like us emerged on the IT scene and as per our estimate most companies shall have to outsource their IT services because they might not find a resource whom have gained hands on experience for different solutions for different problems.

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Why Hire one Person when you can hire a team in the same cost

Our motto is simple "Fix, Educate, Train, Repeat" .

We love to solve new problems and new issues everyday

Hiring one person with various qualifications is not enough there will always be a problem for which they would not have a solution so the best way to do it .


Why our Focus is on SME's

SME's always face the most famous and biggest challenge all the time which is Budget
To address this issue our solution is that if one has the option of hiring a lot of people in one person’s cost that will resolve most of their IT issues and years of experience would help the company grow much faster then usual. The most important point is MSP’s work with a lot of industries and no two problems are the  same so their vision is not limited to 1 Network but rather  various networks with various problems with various solutions.

What does it cost to employ us?

SME's always face the most famous and biggest challenge all the time which is Budget

The answer is very simple; take the market rate of a graduate with 1-2 years of experience and that would be the cost to employ our services.

We have a management / ticketing system in place where clients raise their issues this way we track the issues an

Our Experience